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      印刷色数: 6色
      Printing color: 6 colors
      Maximum material width: 1200mm
      Maximum printing width: 1160mm
      最高机械速度: 140米/分
      Maximum mechanical speed: 140 m / min
      Maximum printing speed: 30-120 M / min
      套准精度: 纵向±0.15mm(手动) 横向±0.15mm(手动)
      Alignment accuracy: longitudinal + 0.15mm (manual) transverse + 0.15mm (manual)
      收放卷直径: φ1000 mm 收放卷纸筒/胶筒: φ76 mm(内径)
      Retractable coil diameter: Phi 1000 mm retractable roll / glue cartridge: Phi 76 mm (inner diameter)
      压印力: 机械调节
      Impression force: mechanical adjustment
      起落版: 全自动液压起落
      Landing version: automatic hydraulic lifting and landing
      Anilox roller: 6 pieces of ceramic roller.
      张力方式:收料/放料 全部采用自动张力检测系统控制
      Tension mode: automatic feeding and discharging system is controlled by automatic tension detection system.
      Release/take-up mode: using air shaft clamping material, 10 kg magnetic powder 2 sets, and equipped with a 2.2 kW motor combination take-up
      Edge correction method: automatic photoelectric correction system
      干燥方式: 电加热
      Drying method: electric heating
      干燥功率: 15KW (特设双面吹风, 干燥更快)
      Drying power: 15KW (special double side blowing, faster drying)
      鼓风机: 1.1KW×2个1.5KW×2个
      Blower: 1.1KW * 2 1.5KW * 2.
      主电机: 5.5KW
      Main motor: 5.5KW
      主变频: 变频器调速
      Main frequency conversion: speed regulation by frequency converter
      行墨电机: 减速电机(0.2千瓦)
      Inking motor: decelerating motor (0.2 kW)
      Switchboard power: 35 kw
      Floor area: long 5.8M * wide 3.6M * high 3.5M
      轴承: 日本NSK 单向轴承 德国ASNU 铝合金导轮 进行硬质氧化、动平衡kpl竞猜、静平衡处理
      Bearing: Japan NSK one-way bearing German ASNU aluminum alloy guide wheel for hard oxidation, dynamic balance, static balance treatment
      适用范围:薄膜kpl竞猜,无纺布kpl竞猜,编织袋kpl竞猜,纸张 等
      Scope of application: film, non-woven, woven bags, paper, etc.
      The main features are:
      1. 操作简单放便,套色准确,使用寿命长
      1. simple operation, convenient color registration and long service life.
      2. 采用马达,变频调速,节省电,运行波动小
      2. adopt motor, frequency conversion speed regulation, save electricity and run little fluctuation.
      3. 落版自动停止行墨马达,起版自动开始行墨装置
      3. automatic stop inking motor, automatic start inking device.
      4. 采用同步带传动,印刷尺寸准确,
      4. using synchronous belt drive, printing size is accurate.
      5. 设有吹风发热两套装置,其中发热采用中央恒温控制系统并分组控制
      5. there are two sets of ventilation and heating devices. The central heating control system and grouping control are adopted.
      6. 低辊采用特殊钢材加工kpl竞猜,并经过特殊工艺处理,并电镀10丝厚的硬铬?;げ?
      6. the low rollers are made of special steel and treated by special process, and electroplated with 10 wire thick hard chromium protective layer.
      7 铝合金导轮进行硬质氧化、动平衡、静平衡处理
      7 aluminum alloy guide wheel for hard oxidation, dynamic balance and static balance treatment.
      8 设有冷风定型风箱,能有效地防止印刷后油墨粘连等缺陷
      8 equipped with cold air molding bellows, it can effectively prevent defects such as adhesion after printing.
      9.印刷图像清晰 层次感强
      9. printing image clarity and strong sense of hierarchy

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